August 4, 2021


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RC Glider Hits 548 MPH In Record Flight – AVweb

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A California man has set a world velocity doc for RC plane By way of the use of an aerodynamic oddity to push his glider to 548 MPH. Spencer Lisenby used A method referred to as dynamic hovering to whip his closely strengthened composite glider to virtually Mach ranges over a mountaintop shut to L. a. on Jan. 19. The Santa Anna winds have been blowing at 65 MPH up the slope of Parker Mountain, Establishing The proper circumstances for dynamic hovering. By performing loops that exploit the boundary layers of the shifting air, the pilot can use the power of the wind to velocity up the plane to velocitys a lot greater than the wind itself. With every loop, the movement provides Much extra power and velocity to the plane than it loses in climbing again up the hill and the Outcome’s a head-snapping collection of climbs and descents.

As Lisenby and completely different devotees of The acute sport get into the transonic velocity ranges, there are greater calls for on the plane and utilized sciences supporting them. The planes usually function at 60 to 80 Gs and peak at 120 Gs. It’s additionally not for the faint of coronary heart. “Each time you go On the market and fly faster than You’ve earlier than, you get This sense Similar to you’re in over your head, and your mind can’t maintain forward of what’s occurring,” Lisenby informed “It’s A very troublesome factor To Sustain with. That’s the human problem of dynamic hovering. The faster we go, the faster We now Want To imagine.”