July 24, 2021


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Poker Legend Phil Hellmuth Sweeps Daniel Negreanu In Three Straight Matches – CardPlayer.com

With But one extra win Wednesday Evening time, Phil Hellmuth swept Daniel Negreanu with three conse.......

With But one extra win Wednesday Evening time, Phil Hellmuth swept Daniel Negreanu with three consecutive victories and was topped the champion of Extreme Stakes Duel II.

Per the format of the PokerGO collection, the buy-in doubles with every passing match. Following a Hellmuth win in a $50,000 buy-in match in April, the 15-time World Series of Poker bracelet winner took dpersonal the $100,000 buy-in spherical in Might. Wednesday’s match featured a buy-in of $200,000 with Hellmuth Coming out on prime after An prolonged, see-noticed battle guessween The two legends.

His three consecutive victories netted him a tidy revenue of $350,000 and mimicked his collection Wiskinny The primary-ever Extreme Stakes Duel the place Hellmuth battled Antonio Esfandiari. Hellmuth swept Esfandiari in three matches as properly, Which provides him a six-match revenueable streak and a revenue of $700,000 courting again to The autumn Of two020.

“Where’s the window, baby?” Hellmuth said after the match. “I do know Mori [Eskandari] Isn’t joyful To Take heed to that, however I would like to go to the money out window.”

Hellmuth had The selection to let his revenueables journey and let a challenger play a $400,000 match in spherical 4 however decided to take The selection To collect his money and name it quits. Every Extreme Stakes Duel collection should go a minimal of three matches.

In Hellmuth’s first battle as quickly as extrast Negreanu, a six-time WSOP bracelet winner in his personal proper, the Wisconsin native mounted An monumental comeagain after Negreanu opened An limitless lead.

It Appeared like he was going To want To tug out one other come-from-behind victory on Wednesday as Negreanu acquired out in entrance early in An virtually comparable Start to their first go-aspherical. But in distinction to The primary match, Hellmuth amped up the aggression earlier than he acquired too brief on chips.

He took the chip lead again when 5-guess 83 preflop as quickly as extrast Negreanu’s 22. Hellmuth floated the jack-high flop with noskinnyg however eight-high and led the flip when he picked up a flush draw. Negreanu mucked his hand after using a quantity of time extensions and Hellmuth took over the chip lead.

The hand was A pair of of the memorable palms of the match, regardless of occurring Wiskinny The primary 90 minutes of a Greater than 5-hour wrestle. It was Harking again to a hand performed by Phil Ivey all by way of his title run Wiskinny the World Poker Tour heads-up championship Simply a few days earlier. Ivey three-guess 9-7 offsuit preflop as quickly as extrast Chris Kruk’s 2-2.

Ivey guess The ten-high flop with full air and shoved all in when Kruk raised him. Kruk folded.

Negreanu took again the lead when he fliped journeys as quickly as extrast Hellmuth’s failed flip bluff with 9-high, however Hellmuth regained it when he fired one other multi-shell bluff with 108 on K6274. He pressured Negreanu to fold 54 and pulled again to even.

Negreanu gained a few pots to open a small lead, however Hellmuth struck as quickly as extra in An monumental method when he three-guess Q3 and flopped journeys on a 332 board as quickly as extrast Negreanu’s 99. Hellmuth look at-referred to as the flop and look at-raised all in on the 5 flip. Negreanu thought for pretty A the placeas earlier than nameing. Hellmuth’s journeys held up and he possessed about 330,000 of the 400,000 chips in play.

Sadly for Hellmuth, regardless of holding An limitless chip lead, The huge blind was nonetheless 1,000. Negreanu was dealing with An monumental chip drawback, however nonetheless had An excellent deal of playability with a 70-huge blind stack.

Playability didn’t matter, however, when each recreationrs picked up pocket kings preflop. All of the chips acquired into The center, with Negreanu tabling KK and Hellmuth displaying KK. An all-diamond flop gave Negreanu a freeroll, which he drilled when the 8 acquired here on the river.

Just like that, stacks have been about even.

Over The subsequent couple of hours, There have been no primary showdpersonals, however Hellmuth gained Almost all of the pots. With the blinds getting hugeger, these pots added up and Hellmuth opened An virtually 2:1 chip lead with out a lot fanfare.

But as quickly as as quickly as extra, Negreanu found a key double-up. With the blinds Of two,000-4,000, Hellmuth raised to 11,000 on the howeverton and Negreanu moved all in for 83,000. Hellmuth referred to as with A-Q and was Wiskinny the lead as quickly as extrast Negreanu’s K-3.

The flop was queen-high leaving Negreanu drawing very skinny, however a king acquired here on the flip To place him again Wiskinny the match, dealing with a a lot smaller deficit.

Finally, A chilly deck went Hellmuth’s method, and he fulld off the Canadian. Negreanu limped in on the howeverton For six,000 with 65 and Hellmuth look ated his selection with 106.

The flop was 972 and Hellmuth look at-referred to as 6,000 from Negreanu. The flip was the 8, giving each recreationrs a straight, however Hellmuth’s was hugeger. All The money acquired in and Negreanu was drawing lifeless to a chop. He didn’t hit A ten on the river To primarytain astay and Hellmuth collected his money, alongside Collectively with his second consecutive Extreme Stakes Duel belt.

“Good recreation,” said Negreanu after the river card was dealt. “You performed good. You deserve it.”

“I really feel you’re Definitely one of many all-time items,” responded Hellmuth. “I truly imply that.”

The commerce was a definitive change in tone from the drama that sparked this heads-up match. Following Negreanu’s $1.2 million loss to Doug Polk, Hellmuth criticized Negreanu’s play.

“I used to be dissatisfied Wiskinny the method he performed,” said Hellmuth final February.

The remark drew ire from Negreanu, who responded on Twitter with some criticisms of Hellmuth’s poker technique and challenged him to a heads-up grudge match of Their very personal. Although Negreanu appeared to Want to play a high-stakes money recreation match, they eventually agreed to play on Extreme Stakes Duel.

Photograph Credit rating: PokerGO/Antonio Abrego