July 25, 2021


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Meet the self-proclaimed ‘Most frugal mom in America’ – New York Post

TLC’s new actuality collection, “So Freakin Low price,” follows 4 househpreviouss who take pen.......

TLC’s new actuality collection, “So Freakin Low price,” follows 4 househpreviouss who take penny-pinching to The acute — collectively with proud mom Becky Guiles from Minoa, NY.

“I’ve alwasy been pretty frugal,” said Guiles, 41, who lives in a house over 100 yrs previous Together with her husband, Jay, 39, and sons George, 7 and Cpreviousen, 4. “However As quickly as I had my first son, George, I left my enterprise as a Outcome of I would likeed To maintain house with him. So, A lot of my philosophy is that saving money Is analogous factor as Incomes money.” 

“So Freakin Low price,” premiering Monday (June 28) at 10 p.m., furtherly options the Tran househprevious in Orlando, FL, who go dumpster-diving regardless of dwelling in an upscale neighborhood; the Watsons in Mesa, AZ, Who’re Attempting to throw their daughter A Marriage ceremony on a $750 greenagain price range; and the Claytons in Stonecrest, Ga., who make use of DIY strategies to make everyfactor from cleansing options To Relaxation room paper.

Becky, who considers herself to be “In all probability the most frugal mom in America,” was making between $30,000-$35,000 a yr strolling and teaching canine earlier than George was born. “In that first yr, we ended up slicing our funds Tons that it made up for that income loss,” she said. 

Now, she cuts the househpreviouss funds by cleansing her dishes Inside the Washer alongside common laundry (the clofactor prevents the dishes from breaking, she insists); making her personal Lighting fixtures; using crumpled newspapers as wall insulation; using superglue To restore damaged cupboards; and using wallpaper that she procured from a dumpster shut to a paint retailer. She furtherly by no means hires specialists for restores, and so on. doing renovation tasks herself.

Becky Guiles does a DIY house renovation enterprise on TLC’s “So Freakin Low price.”


“With The house renovation, Definitely one of many largest factors That you merely’re In a place to do is To make the most of factors That are already in nature — so, You should use a tree department for a drape hanger,” she said.

Her Family and pals view her relationship to money with A selection of attitudes, she said. 

“A pair of of them Sort of enhance an eyebrow to it, particularly In the event that they’re not used to my frugal strategies. However my longtime Family and pals assume it’s good,” she said “[My husband] is frugal in The biggest method that he’s a minimalist [and] doesn’t actually care A few house wanting cute and cute. The placeas I want A house; I would like it To look like one factor on Pinterest but I simply don’t Need to spend The money. So as that’s An limitless level of friction [between us] and it On A daily basis has been.

“The Great level is that he’s A very laid-again man and he goes with the circulate As a lot as some extent After which simply loses it — which You almost certainly will see Inside the current Finally.”

Becky said she wasn’t enhanced To make the most of this strategy to saving money.

“My dad is pretty frugal [but] mom Isn’t,” she said. “However I did get my ‘The place there’s a will there’s a method’ and my tenacity from my mom. I hear the phrase ‘No’ And that i hear a problem. I undoubtedly grew into it As quickly as I started managing My very personal money and Figuring out how I can strand so onh a greenagain.

“I Get monetary financial savings so that I don’t have To fear about funds And that i Might be round my youngsters extra and we don’t have that further stressor in life,” she said. “So I don’t understand how That Can be seen as a adverse factor. I’ve had judgment placeed upon me. I’m stronger than the judgment, And that i really feel what We’re doing as a househprevious is A very Great level.”