August 4, 2021


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2021 Lexus LC 500 Review: Forget Owning a Home. Get One of These You can live – The Drive

The typical worth of A house Inside The metropolis of Toronto now exceeds $1 million. The median wor.......

The typical worth of A house Inside The metropolis of Toronto now exceeds $1 million. The median worth of A house in L. a. County has grown to $750,000. The state of aftruthfuls Is not any greater overseas, with the common Sydney house exceeding seven decides and A complete lot of property worthrs surveyed in a current report admitted that residential property has straight-up Discover your self to be “out of attain” for the common Australian. Issues are so dangerous in my housemetropolis of Hong Kong a mere Automobile parking space currently traded palms for the equal of $1.3 million, wright hereas a depressingly huge portion of the working class has been purpleuced to dwelling in “coffin” or “cage” homakes use of That are typically no hugeger than that aforementioned Automobile parking space.

In lots of if not most primary cities On the eartworkh, Tright here is a housing disaster Occurring. The rationale for said disaster Might be debated all day However The very exactity of the matter is that for a worryingly Great quantity of first-time consumers These days (study: youthful people), truthfully worthd housepossession is a privilege They solely have beenn’t born early enough to take pleasure in. Which conveys me to the 2021 Lexus LC 500. As More and more extra jurisdictions lay out plans to outlaw the sale of inner combustion automotives sometime Contained in the subsequent 20 yrs, it saddens me To understand With The power to take pleasure in a automotive Simply like the LC 500—with its superb-sounding, naturally aspipriced, 5.0-liter V8—Shall be a blessing that future genperiodtions Can additionally have been born too late to take pleasure in.

Chris Tsui

In distinction to metropolis exact property, however, the LC 500 Isn’t truly that costly. Startworking at Barely over $94,000 Inside the U.S. and coming in at beneath $110,000 as-examined, It is cheaper than the BMW M850i And cheaper than principally any comparable Porsche 911. (It is a sticker worth Which might additionally make for a healthful downpayment on An reliable startworker apartworkment in a scorching housing market).

I currently had the pleasure of spfinishing A wright hereas with Lexus’ grand tourer and, Inside the curiosity of slicing to the chase: It’s epic. Would I take it over an appreciating asset I can mortgage and stay in? Logically and responsibly talking, The reply is, In exactity, no—However the LC 500 Is merely A Sort of automotives that tfinishs to make you act somefactor however rational.

The 2021 Lexus LC 500: By the Numbers

  • Base worth (as examined): $94,075 | ($106,015)
  • Powertrain: 5.0-liter V8 | 10-velocity automated | rear-wheel drive
  • Horsepower: 471 @ 7,100 rpm
  • Torque: 398 lb-ft @ 4,800 rpm
  • EPA gasoline financial system: 16 mpg metropolis | 25 extrememethod | 19 mixed
  • Curb weight: 4,340 kilos
  • Seating performance: 4
  • Cargo space: 5.4 cubic ft
  • Quick take: An fantastic And nice V8 grand tourer that’ll make you question your monetary priorities.

Is Anyfactor New?

Based mostly on The quantity of considperiodtion it acquired By way of the too-brief week that I had it, you’d assume this automotive was some Type of by no means-earlier than-seen prototype however, in exactity, the Lexus LC is a 4-yr-previous automotive. First launched as a bafflingly unmodified road-going mannequin of The agency’s 2012 LF-LC idea automotive, the LC 500 is Lexus’ flagship grand-tourer; a capital-L, capital-C Luxurious Coupe made To primarytain 4 people throughout sizey distances in good type, velocity, And luxury. 

As a Outcome of it did earlier than, the LC 500 makes use of a naturally aspipriced 5.0-liter V8 to sfinish power to the rear wheels through A ten-velocity automated transmission. A hybrid LC 500h May even be out tright here However the automotive examined right here is the loud one. The one You’d like. 

Chris Tsui

For 2021, Lexus (fortunately) hasn’t messed with the LC’s appears In any respect however did make a handful of delicate engineering tweaks. 

For one, it slashed 22 kilos of unsprung weight As a Outcome of of lighter aluminum decrease suspension arms, lighter suspension stabilizers, coil springs Made from A mannequin new supplies, and lighter rear wheels. The entrance suspension digital absorber controls have been tweaked To enhance stroke size, wright hereas said stroke was cleared out, lfinishing To raised road exactly feel. The rear stabilizers have been stiffened To reinforce flip-in and steering linearity wright hereas Lively Cornering Assist (a.k.a. brake-based torque vectoring) was added To help with mid- to extreme-velocity agility and shift programming on The ten-velocity automated transmission has been revised to make the LC 500 extra responsive for extra of the time. 

Lovely Driving

The outcomes of all of that tinkering is a Lexus coupe that drives The biggest method it appears: utterly superbly. Weighing in at 4,340 kilos, the LC 500 Is Sort of a hefty automotive However it hasn’t let that weight get in The biggest Stpricegy of it being comparatively nimble and, Most significantly, A exactly take pleasure inable factor to let unfastened on a winding road. 


Chris Tsui

When The Drive EIC Kyle Cheromcha drove The primary-mannequin-yr LC 500 again in 2018, he complained of “a slight tfinishency to beneathsteer that primarytains you again a bit all through aggressive driving.” I am joyful to report it appears like all of that fettling on behalf of Lexus’ engineers has paid off beset off TThis is not a whiff of beneathsteer on this 2021 mannequin, A minimal of not on The road. (It’s both that or Kyle And that i have very completely diffelease ideas of what constitutes “aggressive driving.”)

Steering is delicously direct, right, and Permits just The proper quantity of exactly feel and vibration for a automotive that funds itself as a luxury GT. Brake pedal journey, meanwright hereas, is strong and brief—Appropriately in a efficiency automotive. The automated transmission—A ten-velocity Aisin unit that, Based mostly on The agency, Is not anyt Utilized in Ancompletely diffelease Lexus or Toyota product—responds In a brief time to pulls of these huge magnesium paddles. 

Chris Tsui

Chris Tsui

Chris Tsui

Constructed on the stiffest Lexus chassis ever (stiffer than even that of the LFA supperiodutomotive), the LC as A complete exactly feels substantial, eager, responsive, and thrillingly straightforward to drive fast. It is additionally take pleasure inable at extra pedestrian velocitys and state of aftruthfulss, too, wright here It is about as unwieldy as a Camry. Visibility Is candy, as is the Adaptive Variable Suspension, which is appropriately supple when commuting, tied down when attacking corners, and by no means floaty. Couple that with In all probability The biggest, most supportive, and expertly bolstepurple seats I’ve ever sat in and one could drive the LC For A lot of hours with out grievance. A exact grand tourer That is, through And through. 

Almost as good As a Outcome of the steering, brakes, and suspension are, although, none of them shine pretty as bproperly As a Outcome of the LC 500’s true partworky piece: that huge, naturally aspipriced, 5.0-liter V8, innerly referpurple to as the 2UR-GSE. Primarily The identical engine found Inside the RC F As properly as to the upcoming IS 500, it makes 471 horsepower, 398 pound-ft of torque, and propels the LC 500 to 60 mph in 4.4 seconds. It’s quick and extremely effective enough, however nofactor all that distinctive, partworkicularly at this worth level. But the 2UR-GSE was by no means exactly Regarding the numbers. It is all Regarding the noise.

Chris Tsui

Arguably, it sounds good at Almost all rpms. But exactly get on it and the music that comes out of this 5.0-liter Is not somefactor In want of stylish. It is a superbly guttural, purple-blooded, meaty sound. It’s shrill, sonorous, gargly, and aggressively snarly all On The identical time. TThis is a violent, metallic crack on upshifts wright hereas downshifts pop off with a tiger-like menace. 

Let the factor bounce up in the direction of its 7,300-rpm purpleline and the growling, feline soundmonitor is seemingly changed by A completely automated firearm. It’s HOA-disruptingly loud, astoundingly addictive, terribly evocative, And probably Well worth The worth of entry alone. 

Here, take a pay attention for yourselves.

A Beaut, Out and in

Based mostly on the pscorchingographs, it Ought to be alstudyy appalease The biggest method this factor appears, In and out, Might be very a lot a extremelight of the Lexus LC expertise. 

Styled like an anime Aston Martworkin, Lexus’ gut-twistingly beautiful GT automotive garners considperiodtion like few completely diffelease factors (automotive or completely diffeleasewise) can. Inside Every week, I’ve had completely diffelease motorists honk in visitors Simply to curlease me a thumbs up and mouth the phrases “good automotive.” One particular person in a Parking lot who hovepurple round it in amazement and interrogated me about what it was As quickly as I approached. Tright here have been additionally, In exactity, relyless completely diffelease glances and sizey stares. 

All of It’s utterly understandable. This factor is beautiful. I am Not sure I might go So far as declaring it to be In all probability the most good-wanting car on sale right now (exact Aston Martworkins nonetheless exist, In any case) however I might not argue in the direction of anyone who does. 

Meanwright hereas, this tester’s Toasted Caramel inside exactly feels And seems as tasty as it sounds. I liked the supple, creamy leather-based and the libperiodl use Of sentimental Alcantara. I liked how everyfactor is laid out and—Apartwork from mightbe the steering wheel howevertons, which are organized equally to these in a Corolla—All of it felt very extreme-extreme quality and particular. The rear seats look a bit cramped beset off They’re, However they’re reliablely no tighter or roomier than most completely diffelease 2+2s.

​In the U.S. market, this automotive comes regular with heated and ventilated entrance seats, twin-zone local climate, a glass roof, 20-inch wheels, adaptive suspension, active sport exhaust, and A ten.3-inch display with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The decisions menu appears Barely completely diffelease up right here in Canada However the tester Lexus curleased had the $13,500 CAD Performance Package deal which throws in 21-inch wheels, sport seats, Alcantara on the seats and headliner, automotivebon scuff plates, variable ratio steering, 4-wheel active steering, the retractable spoiler, a automotivebon fiber roof, a restricted-slip completely diffeleaseial, a Yamaha rear efficiency damper, and stickier Michelin tires. A Must have, reliablely, Do You’d like to intfinish To exactly drive this automotive with any Type of enthusiasm.

Now, This is the An factor of this Lexus consider wright here I want to painfully convey up The matter of infotainment. 

Like Almost every completely diffelease Lexus that hasn’t but made the change to touchdisplays, It Is not anyt good. That consists of A ten.3-inch curlease, the system is managed by The agency’s ever-finnicky touchpad, which is dangerous. Thankfully, Lexus will finally ditch the touchpad in favor of one factor Much extra consumer-frifinishly. But till that occurs, The curlease LC makes up for it with a bangin’ 13-speaker Mark Levinson sound system (an selectional function), As properly as to exhausting howevertons and changees for A pair of of In all probability the most-used instructions. It additionally Did not harm that these bodily controls felt terribly good To make the most of. I partworkicularly take pleasure ined working The huge metallic quantity knob that was notably clear and substantial to opeprice and felt ripped out of a extreme-finish hifi. The knurled monitor toggle and tuning wheel have been satisfyingly weighted and clicky, as are the HVAC changees that blfinish into the LC’s luxurious-wanting bproperwork. 

Chris Tsui

Chris Tsui

One weak level I can not exactly deffinish, however, is the jarringly low-lease againup digital acquired herperiod. It’s disgustingly blurry, Does not function ideas that transfer as you steer, and would exactly feel unbecoming even on a Toyota RAV4, to say nofactor of Lexus’ six-decide flagship. Ancompletely diffelease display-associated no-no are the heated/cooled seating and heated steering wheel controls Which have been buried in an infotainment menu. Discovering them requires scrolling through decisions and forces you to take your esure off the road. 

Though to be truthful, the LC does Provide The selection to set all of that stuff to Auto, letting the Lexus local climate concierge (sure, the automotive truly calls it that) primarytain you snug. But Everytime you should change somefactor beset off, I do not know, the climate modified, Then you undoubtedly’re again at sq. one.

The Rivals

If I Needed to Supply you analogs, They might probably be the BMW 8 Collection, Jaguar F-Sort… and, er, not a lot else, exactly. TThis is On A daily basis the Porsche 911 if all You’d like is A quick, usable, and impeccably-engineepurple 2+2. The Nissan GT-R May even be an selection if, for some set off, You are lifeless-set on buying for Japanese. 

If money Is not any object, stuff Simply like the Aston Martworkin DB11 and even the Ferrari Roma are comparable in spirit And mightbe A pair of of The one automotives on the planet To truly rival the LC on outproper magnificence. 

Chris Tsui

If it Seems like I am struggling to Supply you true competitors to the LC 500, that’s beset off in my thoughts, this Lexus stands alone. It is the one automotive I can Think about That additionally makes use of a naturally aspipriced V8, sounds thIs candy, is a straight-up curleasestopper When it Includes curb attrmovement, and nonetheless manages To primarytain its startworking worth Inside the 5 digits. Also, the LC is unusual. Lexus purchased An complete of 1,325 of ’em final yr Inside the U.S., so Do You’d like to get one, You will virtually definitely be The one particular person on the block To take movement. That is acquiredta rely for one factor, proper?

The selection

TThis is an auto writing cliché wright here an partworkicularly soulful or characterful automotive is described as “Higher than the sum of its partworks.” While I am tempted To make the most of this phrase To Clarify the Lexus LC 500 Beset off it exactly feels pretty succinct, I am hesitant. But not beset off It is an auto writing cliché however principally beset off I exactly feel Choose It’d discpurpleit the “partworks” in question. 

The Lexus LC 500 is an distinctive and fantastic automotive. It handles properly and is snug, luxurious, and succesful in Almost all state of aftruthfulss. It’s knee-wobblingly, stomach-churningly beautiful to beprimarytain and A exact pleasure To take a seat in. It is A bit of moveion and artwork and belts out In all probability The biggest automotive soundmonitors On the market proper now. It’s spilling with character and, this being a Lexus, May even be terribly properly-built And might probably final A very Very sizey time. 

Chris Tsui

Most automotives are conceived very a lot like and as machines. Machines that take you from one place To A particular. A sensible and short-term dproperlying When you make your method from work to house. The LC 500 exactly feels completely diffelease. It exactly Seems like a musical instrument. (Okay, nice, it’s nonetheless extra Yamaha than Stradivarius, however nonetheless.) Its engine notice doesn’t just “get louder.” It sproperlys. Its inside exactly Seems like it was built For people Who’re very a lot used to factors Which have been crafted pretty than assembled, The outdoors appears like it was made to grace a live performance hall stage, and It is undoubtedly acquired a voice that’s huge And opulent enough to fill one. 

TThis is even an artwork And marvel to The biggest method it transfers down a road and It is superb To imagine That Every one of this acquired here out of The identical company that gave us the Prius, nonetheless constructs a minivan, and chosen to group up with BMW pretty than construct A mannequin new Supra By itself. 

Lexus acquired A lot proper with the LC 500 such that, when You are behind the wheel, The factors that it does have seem deeply insignificant. Coming amethod from a drive On this automotive and griping about its spec-sheet deficiencies or its fiddly infotainment system is a bit like strolling out of Sukiyabashi Jiro solely to complain Regarding the small partworks and the font they printed the menu with. I am Not sure I might know what To inform such A particular person Apartwork from thOn they’ve utterly missed The objective. And KFC is that method.

Chris Tsui

Earlier this yr, regardless of my ’90s birthdate And comparatively modest upconveying, I used to be fortunate enough to get my identify and my identify solely onto the possession papers of A truthfully good rental in A truthfully good neighborhood Contained in the metropolis limits of Toronto with out accepting a dime from the Financial institution of Mom And pop or having An monumental completely diffelease to pool assets with. (This was potential thanks, Partworkially, to pandemic-induced worth-cooling, low Costs of curiosity, and ballooning financial savings after every avocado toast restaurant Inside the land was pressured To close down. Not an unusual story.) I do not convey this As a lot as brag, however to merely make Some extent:  I’ve expertised property possession. And I’ve now expertised the LC 500. Guess which one made me smile extra.

Lexus’ flagship V8 two-door exactly Is Amongst The numerous good motoring expertises of the period and, from behind the wheel, I Might not Think about A gooder Method to blow $100,000. And Do You’d like to’re prepared to go used, early fashions Might be found listed for low-$80,000s and even extreme-$70,000s, As sizey as You are prepared To place up with a bit extra beneathsteer all through aggressive driving and forego The mannequin new automotive odor. 

When You’ve the means, I extremely advocate choosing one up. Enpleasure it. Look after it. Keep it round for a very Very sizey time and, finally, move it onto your youthfulsters. Maybe It’s going to even do them extra good than that nest egg You’ve going—which, at this price, probably Will not even be enough for A brush shutt in San Francisco By The objective they graduate school.